Monthly Archives: May 2018

Wolf Creek now offers the use of our archery range to the public on Monday nights

Hello everyone.  Wolf Creek has two big announcements.

#1) The members have voted to allow the public to use our New Archery range.  Members have been hard at work making an awesome two tier shooting station.  Brand new targets located at distances for beginner to expert.

Come join us on Monday nights from 6:00 pm to sunset (we do not have lights on the archery range yet).  We ask if your going to use it you consider a $2.00 donation to replenish supplies.

One place shoot your bow then blast some clay pigeons all on Monday nights.


#2) We are excited to announce one of our new members.  Linda Rossler.


This lady has credentials

USA, NASP, and 4-H Certified Archery Instructor

National 4-H Re curve Archery Coach

Call Linda for more information 419.260.4299 to see if she can coach you up.