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2018 Wild Game diner – tickets now available


Mark your calendars.




A night of great food, raffles and fun had by all.

Grab a group of friends and come join us for our annual wild game diner.





  • summer sausage
  • turtle soup


  • Multiple, wild game dishes
  • Venision
  • Raccon
  • Rabbit
  • Goose
  • Smoked turkey
  • Fried perch
  • and many more


  • Cake
  • Pies
  • Cookies

Draft beer included with ticket. Bring a plastic pitcher.  It will save you trips to the bar


$25.00 donation get you in for all the fun


Contact Rick Furgeson at (419) 345-3691 for your tickets


See you then














2017 Youth Day

Another successful youth day in the books.

Thanks to all the participants..

Big thank you to all the Wolfcreek club members that volunteered their time.


 Anxious folks waiting for the fun





Safety talk and agenda to start the day:


Trapping explanation:


6 Stations of fun filled the day

Watercraft Officers:

Special thanks to officer Sarah Genzman and Neil Brokamp for spending your day with us teaching water safety and boat terminology





Trap shooting












Lunch time:







Dog training demonstration:

Special thanks to Scott Denhem for his excellent demonstration of proper dog handling and training


Decoy painting:





Atlatl and Tomahawk  throwing station:




Rifle range:


Wildgame dinner – Huge success

Thanks to everyone for another successful wildgame dinner.  Could not do it without our guest and everyone that helped.


When you going to pick my number…………..

Happy couple, Happy members


Get your 50/50

Did we win again?

This is so much fun……Make sure you put the ones I gave you at the top…..

Wolfe Creek pole dancers. Just kidding

Happy guest

Ok, give me five to catch my breath


2017 Shooting Expo

We will be hosting the 2017 Outdoor Shooting Expo on Saturday, May 20th 12pm-4pm at the WCSA Club House on Teachout Road. Click here for directions.

The shooting expo is free of charge and open to the public for all shooters: men, women, and children. We provide instruction for beginners to ensure a fun, safe, and educational event for all.

Lunch will be served at noon. Trap shooting and .22LR rifle shooting will be available after lunch. WCSA will supply firearms and ammunition to shooters.

This event is sponsored by: